Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Amnesia - Justine general release

Amnesia: The Dark Descent received a free DLC called "Justine" during Valve's Portal 2-ARG. Now, it is released for everyone. Yay!
"On April 18 Frictional Games joined Valve to celebrate the release of Portal 2 and wrap up our collaboration which has spanned the last few months. During this period we have worked with not only Valve, but an entire range of talented independent developers, to give gamers a unique gaming experience. Together we created a massive Alternate Reality Game which spanned 13 Steam games, as well as plenty of internet forums and publications, and the real world. Frictional Games' main contribution to this game was a DLC called Justine and truth be told, it plays pretty damn well even without the other stuff.
Justine has now been repackaged to survive in the outside world and we are happy to announce that we are giving it away to all owners of Amnesia for free. Turn off the lights, put the headphones on and play another story produced by the original team, the multiple IGF award winning, Frictional Games.
But, there is more..."
Read the rest from their site - preorderers of Amnesia receive the soundtrack for free, and there is also some short-stories included in the update. Hurray! 

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