Monday, June 6, 2011

E3 -11, Day 01

So, a quick recap of what's been going on in E3 so far:

* Minecraft will be coming to XBLA
* New Fable
* Halo: Combat Evolved remade, also new Halo trilogy
* Kinect-support for Mass Effect 3
* Some new footage on Skyrim
* SSX stuff
* Need for Speed: The Run footage

* Ico and Shadow of Colossus will get a 3D-treatment, meaning you can play them in real 3D glory. Neat!
* the same treatment will be coming for God of War: Origins-pack, which features Ghost of Sparta and Chains of Olympus from PSP
* Both will be coming this September apparently

* Some new material on Prey 2
* Seemingly lots of new material and footage of Battlefield 3. Looks really good, I tell you.
* Some new material on the new Tomb Raider
* Far Cry 3 is up and coming, going back to a tropical island.
* Dust 514 from CCP (the developers of EVE Online) will be PS3 only. Closed beta will start at the end of the year, release is in Spring 2012
* Sony NGP now has an official name: Vita. According to Ars Technica"The WiFi-only version of the device will run users $249, while the 3G model will cost $299, which puts the handheld in direct competition price-wise with Nintendo's 3DS."
* There will be a new Sly Cooper-game. Nice!

Let's see what else comes up, I'll be updating this post every once in a while.
Fixed the strange background-colour bug.

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